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Cut Through Shadow

WoW Character portrait commission.

"Shadow of the Blight fell over the battlefield and the push of the Alliance forces was finally stopped. Sylvanas's devilry prevailed...
Confusion turned to panic among the ranks, and the roar of still firing cannons was drowned out by screams, shouts, coughs and the noise of armor and weapons hitting the floor. It felt like the end...
Then suddenly a burst of light lit the field and I saw him. Andros Pendrath, our general, proud, fearless and determined he stood in front of us and commanded us to rise. And we did! The day was not over! This was the daylight at its brightest!
A second spell lit up Andros' sword as he cut through the blight, clearing our path and guiding us to victory.
Cannons were firing, but I still couldn't hear them. I only heard the words: "FOR LORDEARON! FOR THE ALLIANCE!"."